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Increasing Florida’s Sales Tax Revenue From Internet Purchases

Publication Type: Fiscal Impact, Public Policy, Revenue Forecasting, Taxation
Pages: 7
Authors: Holt, Lynne; Lotfinia, Babak
Division: Not Available
Florida, as one of only seven states to levy no tax on personal income, relies significantly more on the sales tax to fund its services than do states with a personal income tax. Since all consumers purchasing goods or services online are legally required to pay either sales or use tax, online transactions may represent a considerable source of revenue. To capture some of this revenue, Florida may wish to revise its tax laws, either by joining the Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP) or by making smaller, technical modifications. This article explores issues surrounding each option.

PDF: https://www.bebr.ufl.edu/sites/default/files/Research%20Reports/floridafocus5_1_2009.pdf

Subject Index:
Economic Analysis Program, Internet, Retail sales, Taxable sales, Taxes

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