Hector H. Sandoval, Anita Walsh
September 2018

This project investigated how Florida’s retirees contribute about $184 less per person (about 2 percent less) to State and local government revenues compared to Florida’s non-retiree adult population. Florida’s governmental expenses are $3,985 less per person (about 35.1 percent lower). Comparatively, these contributions and expenses result in a positive net fiscal impact of $2,899 per retiree on Florida’s overall budget. In contrast with non-retiree adults in Florida, generally, retirees earn slightly less income and spend a smaller portion of that limited income on taxable goods. As a result, Florida’s retirees contribute around 12.5 percent less per person to gross receipt tax revenue and 3.9 percent less per person to all other revenue sources. Alternatively, Florida’s retirees tend to own more valuable homes, and as a result, they contribute about 22 percent more in property tax revenue.