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Florida’s Economic Pulse

BEBR is dedicated to the efficient collection and analysis of comprehensive economic and demographic data concerning Florida as a whole as well as designated regions of the state. Our mission is to provide insights that drive informed decision-making and foster economic growth.

Collecting data since 1929!

BEBR was founded in 1930 and is part of the UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

BEBR published the Florida Statistical Abstract each year from 1967 to 2011. This award-winning research volume of statistical data about Florida is the leading source of data on Florida and its cities and counties, providing information on population, housing, employment, income, education, health, tourism, elections, and much more. BEBR continues to offer the same kind of data services today!





The Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) is a valuable resource for local and state government agencies, private industries, and other research centers. Utilizing rigorous data collection and analysis techniques, BEBR provides vital information to help inform decision-making in a variety of areas including education, housing, employment, and health. Additionally, BEBR works with other research centers to assist with ensuring the accuracy and relevance of their data.


Since the 1970s, the Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) Population Studies Program has provided essential demographic data to support strategic planning and decision-making in state and local government agencies, private companies, research analysts, the media, and the general public.


The University of Florida Survey Research Center (UFSRC) is one of the largest and most respected university-based academic survey programs in the United States. The UFSRC conducts mail, telephone, and online surveys using the best practices in the industry. With accreditation from the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and membership in the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO), the UFSRC has earned and consistently holds a longstanding reputation for conducting reliable research and data analysis. In the past decade, the UFSRC has earned nearly $11 million in revenue from various organizations including repeat clients, which attests to the reliability of our top-quality work and client satisfaction.


The University of Florida is a hub for research and service projects in the field of network analysis, with BEBR’s Social Networks program serving as an integral part of this community. The program brings together an interdisciplinary group of students, faculty, and staff who are passionate about social network theories and methods. The Social Networks Program offers personal and professional network analysis and visualization, as well as recommendations for network interventions. This program is important for academic research as collaboration is an essential aspect of creating meaningful work. Studying these networks has allowed BEBR to monitor and drive research productivity at universities that utilize our services.

Discover top quality data with BEBR’s comprehensive framework that encompasses four dynamic programs (Economic Analysis, Population Studies, Survey Research, and Social Networks). Our multidisciplinary approach contributes to our excellence and expertise. Supported by a dedicated team of experts, researchers have specializations in demography, statistical analysis, GIS modeling, survey research, economics, and network science. Each department plays a critical role in overall success by providing unparalleled insights, accurate research, and valuable solutions. BEBR’s programs and teams of specialists ensure that our data informs others to make research-backed decisions and thrive in the ever-evolving landscapes.


BEBR serves as a well-established academic research facility and reliable data source for clients such as governments, non-profit organizations, businesses, researchers, the press, and the general public.


An in-depth understanding of populations is a cornerstone of our research, offering insights into age, race, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic factors. Through meticulous data analysis, we investigate trends and patterns that shape communities, which informs organizations to make strategic decisions.


BEBR uses cutting-edge methodologies to discover patterns and population shifts that shape statewide growth. Our studies  empower decision-makers, researchers, and policymakers with valuable insight into Florida’s communities. 


BEBR takes a comprehensive look at the state’s population through data collection and analysis. With this, we provide crucial insights into various population trends, distributions, and characteristics.