Social Networks

The University of Florida is home to many interested in research and service projects in the area of network analysis. The Journal Club on Social Networks and Relational Sociology gathers an interdisciplinary group of students, faculty and staff who are interested in social network theories and methods. 

BEBR’s Social Networks Program

offers personal and professional network analysis and visualization, as well as recommendations for network interventions.

In the area of academic research, collaboration occurs in teams and networks of researchers, and studying these networks helps monitor and drive research productivity at a university. In 2012, BEBR and the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) started a project aimed at mapping, visualizing, analyzing, and shaping collaboration networks at UF. Since then, BEBR has collaborated with several entities at UF in creating network profiles and network intervention studies. These activities have resulted in several published articles and presentations at international conferences.



  • Christopher McCarty
  • Raffaele Vacca
  • Mark Girson
  • Ruijie Mao
  • Till Krenz
  • Tom Smith
  • Jared Adams

Reports and Studies

Networks of collaboration and research interests at the Center for Humanites and the Public Sphere at the University of Florida

As part of a research Project at the centere for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, data on the research interests, collboration and topics of classes taught by......

Using network science to identify and bridge scientific communities at a research university

Members of the Network Science Program at BEBR gave a presentation at the Translational Science 2018 conference on their data analysis and intrvention strategies. The program aims to expand......

The Structure, Evolution and Interaction of Multiplex Networks of Scientific Collaboration at a Research University

The aim if this paper is to contribute to the understanding of the structural evolution of scientific collaboration networks. A large body of literature has focused on the......

Creative Solutions to Elusive Data: Web-Scraping Online Police Reports to Map Cooffending Networks in US Cities

One truth new researchers quickly discover is that data collection is costly. In the social sciences, researchers expend copious amounts of time and grant money observing people, interviewing ......

A social network analysis of scientific collaborations at the University of Florida

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a methodology and a theoretical perspective that studies patterns of relations among actors. When applied to the network of scientific collaborations at a......

Designing a network intervention on the UF scientific network

Social Network Analysis is not just about describing and explaining networks, it is also about using networks for specific interventions with specific goals. Network interventions have traditionally been......

Collaboration metrics from the UF network data, and their evolution

We used publicly available data on UF publications and grants to extract networks of collaborations among UF researchers in 2008-2012. This allowed us to define network metrics on ......

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