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Consumers’ Attitude Toward Energy Conservation And Energy Efficiency: The Role Of Electric Rates

Publication Type: Industrial and Occupational Structure, Public Policy
Pages: 7
Authors: Holt, Lynne; Larson, Carol Jacobson
Division: Economic Analysis
Federal, state, and utility measures provide incentives for people to use electricity more efficiently or consume less energy. However, the effectiveness of such incentives depends on consumers’ behavior. Through analysis of survey data, Dr. Lynne Holt and Ms. Carol Jacobson Larson explain consumers’ attitudes toward energy conservation and energy efficiency as a means of meeting Florida’s electricity needs. Of particular interest is the use of electric rates in affecting consumer behavior.

PDF: https://www.bebr.ufl.edu/sites/default/files/Research%20Reports/floridafocus4_4_2008_0.pdf

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