B.E.B.R. – Bureau of Economic and Business Research

Florida And Orlando: Choosing The Future After The Recession

Publication Type: Regional Modeling, Development, Public Policy
Pages: 11
Authors: Holt, Lynne; Colburn, David
Division: Not Available
The Reubin O’D Askew Institute on Politics and Society has partnered with the Bureau of Economic and Business Research to develop a series of Florida Focus papers that highlight how various regions in Florida are positioning themselves to move forward after the Great Recession. This paper – the second in the series – is a background essay written for participants in a meeting titled “Orlando: Choosing Our Future after the Great Recession,” that was co‐sponsored by the Askew Institute and the City of Orlando on May 18, 2011.

PDF: https://www.bebr.ufl.edu/sites/default/files/Research%20Reports/fl_focus7_2_2011.pdf

Subject Index:
Community development, Economy, Public policy, Recession, City data, Florida data

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