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Florida Price Level Index 2012

Publication Type: Regional Modeling, Cost of Living, Housing, Industrial and Occupational Structure, Labor Force and Labor Markets, Wages and Compensation
Pages: 4
Authors: Dewey, James F; Denslow, David, Irwin, Eve
Division: Economic Analysis
The Florida Price Level Index (FPLI), established by the Legislature as the basis for the District Cost Differential (DCD) in the Florida Education Finance Program, is used to represent the costs of hiring equally qualified personnel across school districts.

PDF: https://www.bebr.ufl.edu/sites/default/files/Research%20Reports/fpli_sp_2012_2-6-2012.pdf

Subject Index:
Other Research, Cost of living, Economy, Education, Florida Price Level Index (FPLI), Prices, Publications, County data, Florida data

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