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Florida’s Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation Waiver

Publication Type: Cost Effectiveness, Public Policy, Transportation
Pages: 66
Authors: Dewey, James F.; Dai, Chifeng
Division: Economic Analysis
Pursuant to federal regulations governing the renewal of freedom-of-choice waivers, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) contracted with the Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) at the University of Florida in order to conduct this independent assessment of Florida’s Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) Waiver. Under this waiver, eligible Floridian Medicaid beneficiaries receive non-emergency transportation from their local Community Transportation Coordinators (CTC) in the Transportation
Disadvantaged (TD) Program.
This assessment’s objective is to examine whether AHCA’s participation in the TD program is cost-effective, and whether the quality of service provided under this waiver program is at least as good as under complete freedom of choice

PDF: https://www.bebr.ufl.edu/sites/default/files/Research%20Reports/medicaid_waiver1.pdf

Subject Index:
Health, Medicaid, Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) Waiver, Transportation, Florida data

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