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Social Networks Publications

Publication Date Title Author(s) Publication Types
10/11/2018 Who and Where: A socio-spatial analytic approach for community-based health research Stacciarini, J. M. R., Vacca, R., & Mao, L. Journal Article
10/11/2018 Multilevel models for personal networks: Methods and applications Vacca, R Journal Article
10/11/2018 Flexible Labors: The Work Mobility of Female Sex Workers (FSWs) in Post-Socialist China Yu, Yeon Jung; McCarty, Christopher; Jones, James Holland Journal Article
10/11/2018 Network and Individual Factors Associated with Drug Use among Female Sex Workers (FSWs) in Southern China: A Mixed-Method Approach. Substance Use and Misuse Yu, Yeon Jung; McCarty, Christopher, Wang, Bo Journal Article
05/30/2018 Creative solutions to elusive data: web-scraping online police reports to map co-offending networks in US cities Smith, Thomas Bryan; Vacca, Raffaele Website Article
09/23/2016 A personal network approach to the study of immigrant structural assimilation and transnationalism. Social Networks. (2017) Vacca, R., Solano, G., Lubbers, M. J., Molina, J. L., & McCarty, C. Journal Article
09/30/2015 Developing Capacity, Skills, and Tobacco Control Networks to address Tobacco-related Disparities Bosma, L., Vacca, R., Boyle, R., Martinez, J., & Lew, R. (2016). Journal Article
04/14/2015 The international trade and fishery management of spiny dogfish: A social network approach Dell’Apa, Andrea; Johnson, Jeffrey C.; Kimmel, David G.; Rulifson, Roger A. Website Article
03/19/2015 Intervention to Foster Cross-Disciplinary Team Science. Clinical and Translational Science, 8(4), 281–289. Vacca, R., McCarty, C., Conlon, M., & Nelson, D. R. (2015). Designing a CTSA-Based Social Network Journal Article
02/02/2015 What is an academic field? Using co-citation networks to map scientific literature over time Vacca, Raffaele Website Article
11/18/2014 Using the Semantic Web to create interdisciplinary collaborations in academia Vacca, Raffaele Website Article
08/01/2006 Investigating the variation of personal network size under unknown error conditions Killworth, Peter D.; Bernard, H. Russel; McCarty, Christopher; Johnsen, Eugene C.; Shelly, Gene A. Articles
02/01/2005 A modified elicitation of personal networks using dynamic visualization McCarty, Christopher; Govindaramanujam, Sama Articles
10/20/2004 Social network analysis McCarty, Christopher Articles
01/01/2002 Structure in personal networks McCarty, Christopher Articles
03/01/2001 Comparing two methods for estimating network size Killworth, Peter D.; Bernard, H. Russel; McCarty, Christopher; Johnsen, Eugene C. Articles
01/01/1997 Eliciting representative samples of personal networks McCarty, Christopher; Killworth, Peter D.; Bernard, H. Russel; Johnsen, Eugene; Shelly, Gene A. Articles
01/01/1996 The meaning of knowing as a network tie McCarty, Christopher Research Report
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